• Ep 3: Singapore Songsmiths

    From a collective with a powerful social message, to music activist Tim D'Cotta and MYRNE, a Singaporean DJ killing it on the world stage, we're exploring the beats and rhythms we make as a nation.

    About the show:

    What does it mean to be Singaporean? Is it the way we retain our own unique racial identity while being part of a larger multi-cultural, multi-racial Singaporean family? Is it through soul-sustaining local delicacies we consume or perhaps exploring our countyís rich historical and cultural heritage, through the magic of song and words? Itís actually all these and more.

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    Host Deborah Emmanuel, poet, performer and musician all rolled into one, attempts to answer these questions as she uncovers the passions, lives and perspectives of the people she meets as she traverses across the island. Each episode uncovers unique aspects, from unknown magical museums to poetry slams and youth dance-offs, and is a celebration of everything that makes us distinctively Singaporean.

    Meet the most intriguing individuals who call Singapore home, like a 15-year old Chinese Opera singer, a Malay folktale storyteller and the creator of Ang Moh chicken rice, all making their mark on the world stage.

    Read more at https://www.channelnewsasia.com/news...miths-12143048
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