• Druv Kent - Back Home

    After a period of international live performances and writing sessions this year, Druv Kent returns to the studio in the UK and delivers his new offering -a lyrically charged, ear-wormy single titled: ‘BACKHOME’.

    It’s a flowing melody with evocative lyrics about identity and aspiration ... about being who we truly are, and who we are capable of being ... if we let go of our inhibitions. Druv describes “home” as our haven of comfort and prompts the question, what really is home? A physical place or a virtual space where you can be yourself ... without judgement... where we can shed the external layers we each wear.

    The track showcases Druv’s distinctive vocal style and ability to create memorable melodic hooks within an intimate, warm sonic scape that carves out a unique space in the current musical landscape and looks set to become another major milestone in a career that has already seen Druv achieve so much; Back Home is set for release on 16th November.

    The hi-end video to the single, co-written by Druv and video Director, Puneet Rakheja, is set in Kolkata, India, the city where Druv was born and called home for many years. The video presents a journey of three characters taking a ride“home” in the city’s iconic yellow taxi; each of them de-layering over their journey to reveal their true selves on their way “Back Home”. A dramatic unmasking parallels the song’s risein energy to explode at the end.

    Druv Kent is an authentic singer-songwriter-storyteller in English – perhaps Asia’s first. He’s also the 1st Asia-based musician to be supported in two decades by the UK’s prestigious BBC Radio 2, arguably the world’s premier radio station for contemporary music. A lifelong musician, but a corporate professional by training, Druv’s 2015 entry to international music received popular and critical acclaim in the UK, Singapore, Australia and India on radio, TV, Spotify, YouTube, with each of his singles play listed on international and UK national radio, including BBC Radio 2.

    Druv’s compositions got the attention of world-class UK-based music producers Tim Bradshaw, Greg Haver, Calum MacColl and Simon Edwards– who’ve worked with John Mayer, Ronan Keating, Radiohead, Sheryl Crow, Manic Street Preachers and Oasis. Druv’s music is earthy and organic, with lyrics rich with nuanced themes seeking meaning in a shifting and fragile world. Druv plays live in the UK, Europe, Dubai, HK & India and has headlined some of Singapore’s biggest stages, selling out the iconic Esplanade Recital Studio, Gardens By The Bay outdoor arena and the landmark Victoria Theatre. He performed at the Asia Television Awards in Dec 2017.

    Druv’s released 5 singles and his debut album “About Time” is due for release end 2Q‘18. He is recording his next EP in the UK and Sweden. He’s also composing Hindi Bollywood music now for filmmakers in India. Druv created Singapore’s first “DK Battle of the Bands”, a pioneering, live platform for young musicians. The competition received 25 entries, with the 3 winners getting free mentorship, a studio recording and an opening act slot for the sold out ‘Druv Kent Live’ show at Victoria Theatre.

    Druv is registered with AIM, BPI & PRS in the UK and SGMUSO & COMPASS in Singapore.

    Twitter: https://twitter.com/DruvKent
    YT: https://www.youtube.com/druvkent
    FB: www.facebook.com/Druv.Kent
    Insta: www.instagram.com/druvkent /
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