• Becoming An Airbnb Concert Host

    Airbnb Concerts are intimate shows in unique spaces, each one features a local artist that is hand-picked by the concert host. Becoming a concert host is an opportunity for anyone—musicians, music lovers, experts, venue owners—to earn money and be more involved in their local music community.

    How to get started
    Step 1: Have an artist in mind (either yourself, or someone you know).

    Step 2: Choose a unique venue—other hosts have booked places like wine cellars, bookstores, art galleries, breweries, and even docked ships (we can help connect you to a venue if needed).

    Step 3: Sign up to become a host on the Airbnb Experiences website (a few aspects of the signup won’t be as applicable to Concerts, but we can make adjustments later).

    Step 4: We’ll give you resources and step-by-step instructions to get your concert up and running.

    What does it mean to be a concert host?
    As a concert host, you’ll introduce guests to the music and places you’re most passionate about. Hosts don’t have to be musicians themselves—although many of them are—they just need a strong passion for bringing together live music and people in an intimate setting. These small shows range in size, but are capped at a maximum of 100 guests. Hosts procure the artists and often the venue, so it helps to have a local network to tap into.

    More details -> https://blog.atairbnb.com/becoming-a...-concert-host/
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