• Mitch Advent Releases Brand New Instrumental Album 80s Magic Ep

    Mitch Advent is an electronic music artist based in Singapore. His music draws influence from a wide variety of electronic genres such as Future House, Future Bass, Drum & Bass, Trap and Melodic Dubstep. Not entirely new to the scene, Mitch Advent has performed at a variety of local festivals such as Music Matters Live!, Singapore Night Fest, Baybeats, iLights, Shine Youth Festival and NUS Arts Festival. He has also produced remixes for locally established names like Sam WIllows, DEON, Caracal, Falling Feathers (with Brannlum), Maricelle, Joshua Simon, Clouds & Shadows and An Honest Mistake from Malaysia.

    Having released an instrumental EP titled ON & OFF in 2016, Mitch Advent is back at it again with a brand new sound influenced by the 80s Synthwave movement. 80S MAGIC was inspired partly from soaking up 20 days in Japan, playing a little too much Grand Theft Auto and a strong desire to experiment with less mainstream genres of electronic music.

    “80s Magic fuses together techniques learned from producing different genres of electronic music I’ve come to love with an analog electronic sound that predates EDM. The result is a combined sense of nostalgia and something new. It is a personal journey evolving from rave music to a 6-track emotionally driven EP.”

    80S MAGIC will be made available on major digital platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, Shazam, Bandcamp, Youtube and Soundcloud on the 20th of July 2017. Audio videos for all tracks can be found easily on Mitch Advent’s official Youtube channel. Listen to 80S MAGIC EP

    About Mitch Advent

    Mitch Advent is the moniker of electronic music artist Mitch Goh. Mitch Advent is based in Singapore and started producing electronic music in 2014. He has worked with established Singaporean acts like Sam Willows, DEON, Caracal, Falling Feathers (with Brannlum), Maricelle, Joshua Simon, Clouds & Shadows and An Honest Mistake (MY) on remixes. His first big break was at Music Matters Live! in 2015 and has played at numerous festivals since then.

    Notably, SIngapore Night Festival, Baybeats, iLights and Shine Youth Festival. He is known amongst musicians for his ability to remix and produce in a wide variety of electronic music genres while maintaining a Mitch Advent “style”. In June 2016 he released his debut EP, ON & OFF and in July 2017 he is back again with his EP, 80S MAGIC.