• Write hit songs, travel the world

    He just needs to work for two weeks and is able make enough money for half a year of travel. Meet Lee Hua Chang, a song writer who has written hit songs for the likes of Coco Lee, Landy Wen and Bii.

    Born to Malaysian parents, the 33-year-old Canadian Chinese has stayed in Taiwan, Singapore, Germany, and Japan in the last few years. He travels to meet and write songs with musicians from around the world.

    His songs have hit the mandopop charts in Taiwan and China. A recent hit was Coco Leeís 18 which debuted on Taiwan KKbox chart at 4th position.

    But ten years ago, no one would have thought that he would be so wildly successful. He was a young chap, who had dropped out of University of Waterloo, just one semester from graduation. With no contacts, formal music training, and money, itís hard to imagine he would be able to gain a foothold in the music industry, let alone excel in it.

    I met Hua Chang in his apartment in Hongshulin, Taipei, for a two hour interview to find how he made his mark. Those who are familiar with the music industry in Singapore would have heard of him. In fact, many would have been taught by him. He was the instructor and creator of a 300-hour song writing and music production course, supported by the National Arts Council.

    Written by Eng Beng, founder of HappinessNotebook.com

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