• New Foley Studio at Republic Polytechnic

    Students keen to learn to produce professional sound effects, also known as foley, can now do so with the opening of Singapore's first full-scale foley studio at Republic Polytechnic (RP).

    From the light taps of footsteps to claps of thunder - every sound in a movie is created.

    RP's new 102 sq m space will allow students to create these sounds in real-time.

    The space consists of three rooms: the Foley Live Room, Foley Control Room and the Dubbing Room.

    The Foley Live Room contains six walking pits that consist of common walking surfaces such as concrete, asphalt, gravel, sand, marble and wood. There is also a water trough for making water sound effects.

    A large collection of props, which RP said it would continue to grow, will allow students to produce different sounds.

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