• A Place To Make Music And Build Friendships

    Nearly every Friday after school, Junyuan Secondary School classmates Muhammad Nurafiq Muhammad Tiswal, Ellie Low, Alifah Abdul Halid and Eunice Pajarillo, all 13, make a beeline for a Jamming Studio in their canteen.

    Ellie heads straight for the drums, Nurafiq picks up the electric guitar, and Alifah and Eunice grab microphones and start singing.

    The self-professed "music squad" often spends a good three hours performing covers of popular songs by singers like Shawn Mendes and Ed Sheeran, jazzing them up with improvisations and spontaneous key and lyric changes.

    "We usually play a trendy song, then all of a sudden, it changes into a different kind of song... It becomes our own music," said Alifah.

    Ellie, who had never played the drums before this, said: "It's better than going out. Some people just go to the playground or to shopping malls. If they came here, they could actually learn a new skill."

    The Jamming Studio at the school in Tampines was originally set up in 2013 as the Filtered Band Room - a space to help students quit smoking by venting their emotions through rock music.

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      This is an amazing initiative!