• Applications for the 2017 NAC Arts Scholarships

    The NAC Scholarships provide support to outstanding individuals who wish to advance their career in the arts and lead positive changes in the areas of artistic practice, production, engagement and/or management.

    As Singapore's arts scene enters the next phase of development amidst an increasingly complex socio-cultural environment, NAC recognises the need to continue to invest in and nurture a broad diversity of arts practitioners and professionals who have the knowledge and skills to lead the development of Singapore’s arts and cultural landscape, as well as champion the importance of the arts to a wider community. New opportunities have also emerged for professional practice and discourse in the areas of arts research and writing, community arts, arts education, and arts management, for example.

    You must submit the following before Friday, 10 March 2017, 5pm:
    (i) Application (Online)
    (ii) Signed copy of the application document (Printed)
    (iii) Supporting documents (as detailed in Section 4 of the NAC Arts Scholarship Guidelines)

    Failing to meet the deadline will render your application incomplete and ineligible.