• Singapore premier desertrock band Green Monster launches full length album

    After a five year hiatus, our own local desertrock boys have released a full length album tittled 'Down Witch Down'
    Green Monster who has been around in the scene for the past 8 year last released an EP of 3 track that was well received not only locally by our own New Paper but also in international stoner /desert rock community. Mainly in the US,Australia,UK and many parts of eastern europe

    'Down Witch Down' which consist of 7 tracks of mind altering riffs and pure heaviness that will leave you headbanging for days. Tracks such as Witch ,Sun Bandit and Shrimpkiller melt out fuzz heavy screaming guitars,pounding drumlines ,groovy basslines coupled with the absolute sheer power of vocalist Muhaimin's screams brings new hope and encouragement to this genre locally. There even tracks like Sukiya Blues and High and Mighty Again brings out the diversity in the band members influences with Sukiya Blues being a funk track and High and Mighty Again in reggae

    Band members consist of
    Vocals: Muhaimin Ali
    Guitars : Daniyal Babu
    Bass : Yuhan Yunos
    Drums : Matt Raham
    The bass on the album was played by former Bassist Danial Harris

    Links to the bands Facebook and Streaming/ Online Stores


    Green Monster's Down Witch Down is also available on Itunes,Google Play,Amazon Music and all other popular platforms
    Get the album at a discount at the Itunes stores
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