• Universal Music Singapore To Release The Last Few Made In Singapore Original Works During The Sixties.

    Universal Music Singapore is pleased to announce the release of EMI 60s - a compilation of various popular Singaporean artists from the sixties. The tracks in the album are carefully restored, digitally re-mastered and will be released simultaneously on CD and digital formats. All the tracks recorded in the sixties include favourites like “Mr Rainbow” by The Quests, “Yesterday’s Gone” by Anita Sarawak, “Our Last Goodbye” by Sugiman Jahuri, and The Singapore music scene in the sixties was a vibrant one. Joseph Pereira, aficionado of Singapore music from that era shares, “In terms of creativity and achievement in the field of pop music, the sixties in Singapore have never been surpassed”.

    Most of the earlier signings of artists by major record labels such as EMI and Philips saw great success on the radio charts. One such early signing was The Quests, whose first release in August 1964, “Shanty”, rose to Number One in the local charts. The Quests was given the honour of opening this collection. Their song, “Mr Rainbow” has an interesting story behind it.

    Beyond the captivating vibe of that era, the accomplishments of the artists and bands had carved out an important significance of Singapore music of that time.

    EMI 60s is a truly special release: there couldn’t be a finer collection to present Singapore’s vibrancy of that era.

    Producer’s Note:

    Project co-ordination by Lim Teck Kheng & Salina Abdullah for Universal Music Pte Ltd.

    The EMI 60s track selection is curated by Joseph Pereira & Universal Music Pte Ltd.

    Audio tracks are digitally re-mastered by Jason Shahul of Gingerbread Studios.

    Due to the age and rarity of these recordings, much effort had been put into re-mastering to restore the sound quality of the music. It is our utmost wish to preserve the history of Singapore music landscape in the 1960s. We hope that the quality of music and its historical importance will compensate for any sound deficiencies.


    CD 1

    1. Mr Rainbow – The Quests
    2. Mony Mony – The Surfers
    3. Hanky Panky – Rita Chao
    4. Yesterday's Gone – Anita Sarawak
    5. Hey Little Girl – The Antartics
    6. Watermelon Man – The McCoys
    7. You Only Live Twice - Tina
    8. A Minute Of Your Time – The Guys
    9. Don’t Play That Song - Keith Locke And The Quests
    10. I Only Live To Love You - Cynthia Lau
    11. Where Did Our Love Go - Anita Sarawak
    12. I Shall Be Released – The Blackjacks
    13. You Win Again – Bee Jays
    14. Mum’s Too Pampering – Straydogs
    15. Soul Finger – The Quests

    CD 2

    1. Hey Girl – The Quests
    2. I Really Don’t Want To Know – Cynthia Lau
    3. Everytime I See A Rainbow – Fatimah Ismail
    4. Hava Nagila – The Quests
    5. Pretty Baby – Bee Jays
    6. Love Me Do – The Surfers
    7. I’m Your Special Fool – Anita Sarawak
    8. Day By Day – The Blackjacks
    9. Can’t Take My Eyes Off You – Tina
    10. Destination (Esme) - Julie and The Emeralds
    11. Hungry For Love - The Guys
    12. Our Last Goodbye - Sugiman Jahuri
    13. Come Into My World – The McCoys
    14. Nancy Pancy – Antartics
    15. I Can Only Give You Everything - Straydogs
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