• 20 Hits in 10 Hours The Songwriting Camp

    In celebration of 10th year Anniversary of FM Pop Music School, Funkie Monkies is in search for the new generation of hit makers, in conjunction with the big names in the Asian music scene, as well as to encourage everyone to “Write the Song in You”.

    1. Opportunities for the Songwriters:

    The Songwriting Camp creates an opportunity for local musicians, songwriters and music arrangers to work together as a team to create original music content, while encouraging community building at the same time. The time limit of 10 hours, as well as working with composers of a different music background, provide an excellentenvironment for the musicians to step up their game, while stepping out of their comfort zone.

    Furthermore, industry-ready songs written during the song camp will be pitched to the music industry together with Funkie Monkies’ longstanding partner Warner Chappell to established networks of recording artists and record labels. This motion is also supported by “Noise Movement”, National Arts Council, and The Composers and Authors Society of Singapore (COMPASS).

    2. Education to the Public:

    In this day and age of mp3s and music streaming services, where the album inlays stating the names of the production crew behind the hit songs are absent, the public is generally unaware of the existence and importance of the music makers.

    Unknown to the local music listeners, Singapore’s success in the Asian music industry is not limited to Stefanie Sun and JJ Lin. Singaporean musicians, songwriters and producers have always been a strong presence in Asian Mandarin Pop scene's top hits. Funkie Monkies will be filming, editing and after which, sharing snippets of this Songwriting Camp and the showcase on various social media. Through the clips and posts, Funkie Monkies aim to educate the public of the presence of Singapore songwriters/musicians and their contribution to the music industry. The event being an actual hands-on experience working for the music industry will demonstrate to the aspiring songwriter/musicians that songwriting is indeed a viable route to open doors to other aspects of the music industry. This will inspire them to take a step forward to realise their musical aspirations.

    Funkie Monkies “20 Hits in 10 Hours” The Songwriting Camp is split into 3 parts:

    1. 10 hour songwriting camp with guidance from 8 mentors/guests.

    2. Performance showcase of completed songs with feedback from mentors/guests.

    3. Continued grooming of selected participants under Funkie Monkies Publishing.

    1. The Camp.

    Funkie Monkies Publishing Songwriting Camp's main objective is to provide potential hit songwriters/music arrangers an unique experience to work together to produce no less than 20 quality original song demos, complete with melody, lyrics, vocals, music arrangement and production in 10 hours under the professional guidance of Asia's music veterans (see “Mentors”). During this camp, the songwriters will experience an in-depth, hands-on exploration on the joys of collaborating in songwriting.

    Through demo submissions from the public, Funkie Monkies will accept up to a total of 80 participants including vocalists, melody composers, lyricists, musicians and music arrangers, who will be grouped into teams of 3 or 4. The teams will be given a room each at the Teo Heng KTV’s newest business venture at The Star Vista. Mentors who are leading A&Rs, hit makers and music publishers will make their rounds, sharing tips and offering insights to up the level of their compositions. Frequent and informal interaction between writers and mentors is to ensure that participants are presenting their best works and empowered to make the most of their music in hands-on and meaningful ways.

    2. The showcase

    At the end of the 10 hours, the participants will have to perform their works to mentors, as well as invited media. Besides giving their input on the songs and the performances, the guests and mentors will also be sharing the real world song selection process and the current mandarin market trends. During the performance, earlier published hit songs written by Funkie Monkies’ Exclusive writers over the last 10 years will be performed as well!

    Four awards of Best Song, Outstanding Lyricist, Outstanding Composer and Outstanding Music Arranger will be given out after the showcase. They will stand to win an Exclusive Writer’s contract which is a ticket to continued grooming by mentors at Funkie Monkies Publishing, an Exclusive Feature as well as prizes from Peak Fusion, Beyerdynamic and Teo Heng KTV.

    3. Continued grooming

    This valuable talent-scouting event for the new generation of hit makers does not stop there. Writers of the highest potential during this event will be signed on as Exclusive songwriters under Funkie Monkies Publishing. They will continue to be trained by Asian pop veteran hit makers Eric Ng, Xiaohan and Jim Lim.

    How to take part and requirements

    The Songwriting Camp is open to all Singaporeans and Singapore Permanent residents. Applicants are not have any publishing contractual obligations with any other music publishers, and they will have to sign a song by song contract with Funkie Monkies Publishing for the songs composed during the songwriting camp.

    Most importantly, applicants should possess a strong interest, and a talent in one of the following areas: Chinese lyrics writing, Song composing, Music arrangement.

    Applicants need to be able to work well with a team of likeminded composers/musicians. And be fully available on the 18th and 19th June 2016.

    All works (chinese lyrics or demos of melody/ arrangements, whichever applicable) submitted must be unpublished original material with proof of rights and/or copyright by the applicant. The Funkie Monkies Publishing Pte Ltd assumes no liability for copyright or other infringements. Do indicate your primary instrument and/or if the submitted demo is sung by you.

    2. Entry Procedure

    Step 1: You can apply as a Lyricist, Composer or Music Arranger, whichever applicable.

    Step 2: Register with us at http://goo.gl/forms/7k7Tc0q5Cz

    Step 3: Submit your demo for selection process to songcamp@fmmusic.com.sg

    by 1st June 2016 with the following details:

    a) Email Header: Funkie Monkies “20 Hits in 10 Hours” The Songwriting Camp DemoSubmission (Lyrics/Melody/Arrangement) *indicate where appropriate

    b) Name (as per NRIC):

    c) Works (1 Chinese lyrics or 2 demos of melody/ arrangements, whichever applicable).

    Format of submitted works:

    For Lyricists:

    - Applicants are to rewrite the chinese lyrics to either of the two songs:

    - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JxHa...Q&spfreload=10

    - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HfO2...0&spfreload=10.

    The lyrics should be submitted as microsoft word document (.doc) written in Font 12, 1.5 spacing.

    For Melody composers:

    - Demos submitted are to feature a human voice (instrumental not permitted) performing the melody. The applicant is not allowed to sing to an existing commercially released pre-recorded track. The minimal requirement of one instrument backing up the song. Demos to be submitted in mp3 format (up to 320kbps).

    For Music arrangers:

    - Music arrangements submitted have to be fully programmed by the applicant in audio form. No MIDI files or music scores are required. It can be in the form of original songs written by the applicant or a reinterpretation of existing songs, in which case the youtube link of the existing song must be included in the application.

    Music Arrangements are to be submitted in mp3 format (up to 320kpbs).