• Singapore music entrepreneur Mah Chern Wei’s sound judgement

    When you keep your ears to the ground and take a chance, something will eventually come up. That was, somewhat literally, the case for local music entrepreneur Mah Chern Wei.

    Recently, there was news of international music giant Fender — makers of the iconic Stratocaster guitar — going into the headphone biz after acquiring Aurisonics, a Nashville-based boutique audiophile company that makes in-ear phones. It was a veritable coup for the five-year-old company and as part of Aurisonics’ small team, the Singaporean Mah had played a big role in getting the company where it is today.

    And for him, it all started with a Skype conversation.

    Back in 2004, Mah was selling electric bass guitars as a second year student at National University of Singapore’s Communications and New Media faculty. Seeing a market opportunity for high-end, niche, made-in-USA products, he began specializing on these types of products.

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