• SOFT TV :: Kevin Mathews and Eileen Chai

    If you're active in the Singapore rock music scene, chances are you will know who Kevin Mathews is. The 52 year old is involved in the scene in various capacities viz. artist manager, journalist, mentor and of course, singer-songwriter/performer.

    As a composer, Mathews is probably best known for his #1 radio hit, "My One & Only", recorded in 1993 with Watchmen. In August 2013, Mathews celebrates the 20th anniversary of his beloved tune with the release of Emo FASCISM, his first full-length album since Popland's Action was issued by US indie label ZIP Records, back in 2002.

    Joining him for SOFT TV is Eileen Chai on violin.
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    1. Percivale's Avatar
      Percivale -
      Nice going. Got to do more to promote local music scene
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      soft -
      Thanks for your support! Please help me share with as many friends as possible.
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      d_0042 -
      The British rock influence is strong in this one.