• Eli T : REVOLT

    Fresh off his nomination for 2 awards (Best Singer/Songwriter, Best Solo Artist) at the Artists in Music Awards 2012, Hollywood (CA), Eli T. presents his much-anticipated debut album: REVOLT

    Following years of experience in the recording industry as a successful songwriter, arranger and producer in projects for artists the world over (Sarah Geronimo, Wang Lee Hom, Disney, Taufik Batisah, The Gorillaz etc.), REVOLT is a manifestation of stories and a reflection of Eli T.’s own unique brand of electro pop that will hit the sunny shores of Singapore on 11 March 2012.

    Alongside the release of REVOLT will be the start of the REVOLT Tour, a series of performances in festivals and venues island-wide that will span from March to June 2012, beginning with the Mosaic Music Festival 2012, and culminating in a full-length concert. Subsequently, the REVOLT Tour will tour the region from July 2012 to December 2012.

    For more information, visit www.tuneintoeli.com

    About Eli T.

    Born in Singapore but having spent his formative years in Toronto, Canada, Eli T. is the new up and coming man in the underground electro-pop music circuit.

    Eli T. brings with him his first colossal smashhit "Record Breaker" (Sarah Geronimo), and nomination for 2 awards - "Best Singer/Songwriter" & "Best Solo Artist" in the 2012 "Artist in Music Awards" in Hollywood, CA.

    Spending years behind the scenes working with international big-wigs like Disney, Wang Lee Hom, Wilbur Pan and Sarah Geronimo, Eli finally stepped out into the limelight in early 2011. First by being featured in the Singapore Arts Festival, then being cast in Singapore's Summer smash play "Beauty Kings". He was also featured in a series of festivals at Singapore's premiere live music venue "The Esplanade".

    Other milestones in Eli T.’s career include:
    Dubai, UAE (2010): STB representative for Singapore’s National Day celebrations for ambassadors and foreign diplomats
    Vietnam: Guest performer for underprivileged kids in a local charity fund-raiser
    Asia: Wrote, co-wrote, arranged and produced for various corporations and government entities (Mediacorp, Thailand Ministry of Education, Singapore Ministry of Education, H e i n e k e n G r e e n r o o m S e s s i o n s , T C C , Singapore Management University etc.)