• Sezairi Sezali's First Music Video “BROKEN” Makes Its Debut

    Coming Thursday, 6 May, Singapore will see the premiere of Sezairi’s music video, “Broken” exclusively only on MediaCorp Channel 5, at 9.25pm.

    A first for a Singaporean recording artist, the music video shown will not be in its entirety. The video will hold an interesting twist – fans alike will finally have the opportunity to vote for their favourite ending. The two different closing scenarios of the music video will be posted onto the Channel 5 Facebook Group www.facebook.com/MediaCorpCh5, and viewers will be able to vote by clicking on the “Like” tab to indicate the ending they prefer.

    For fans who do not have a Facebook account, these two different closing scenarios will also be posted onto www.youtube.com/universalmusicsg2010 and fans will be able to view the two different closing scenarios of the music video and comment on which scenario they like.

    The video ending with the most number of “Likes” from Channel 5 Facebook Group and Universal Music Singapore’s YouTube channel will be the final version of the music video. Voting closes at 11.59pm, 12 May.

    That is not all. Thereafter, the final version of the music video will be aired on Channel 5 from 13 May. It will also be serviced to other TV broadcasters and online media portals for fans and public to view.

    For his new music video, Sezairi and Universal Music Singapore teamed up with MediaCorp Channel 5’s On-Air Promotions Team and T2 Pictures, to create a video that features incredible cinematography set against the emotive lyrics. The music video also features the finalist from The New Paper’s New Face 2009 competition – Amelia Bones.

    Sezairi Sezali, whose single “Broken” is already receiving strong radio airplay amidst the many requests and dedications from listeners and fans, will release his debut album in June. The single is written by Jez Ashurst (who has co-written songs for The Saturdays, Pussycat Dolls, Cheryl Cole and James Morrison) and Ben Montague.

    Don’t miss the premiere of Sezairi Sezali’s much anticipated music video for his single “Broken” on Channel 5, 6 May, 9.25pm.

    Remember to log onto www.facebook.com/MediaCorpCh5 and www.youtube.com/universalmusicsg2010 to tell us how you want the music video to end!
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    1. K2desoog's Avatar
      K2desoog -
      For the record, I'm no fan of Singapore idol although I've rubbed shoulders with Hady before (literally). So at the behest of my kids, i caught Sezairis video las night....

      +1 to the vid. Love the way its shot. But..
      -1 to the vocals. Sezairis vocals doesnt suit the song. Its too 'trebly / squeaky' (sori, cant thing of a less harsh word).

      IMO, the tune is more suited for vocals with the likes of Hady / Johnathan Leong / Daughtry etc. Somewhat a little 'edgy / rough' . Great effort tho.

      My .02 cents thats all.
      Jus dont shoot me
    1. tpiledriver's Avatar
      tpiledriver -
      nothing catchy abt the song, but the cymbals sounds like the one used in funerals.
      all the best sia idol.
    1. metaldude's Avatar
      metaldude -
      so true abt the cymbals haha