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    Behringer products


    Does anyone know where I can find Behringer products? From the behringer website, it says the dealer is Behringer Holdings, somewhere in Kim Seng Promenade. Do they actually sell their products there?

    Anyone knows?

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    try ranking or luthermusic shop?

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    Tried both... but they have few Behringer stuff.
    I'm actually looking for cheap studio equipment (EQ, comp, vocal processor etc)

    Thanks anyway

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    Hung Brothers at Sim Lim will place order for you but must pay deposit.

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    you've tried trektechav? but i wouldn't advise getting behringer stuff though.

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    R u keen on a 2nd hand console ?

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    Behringer Holdings at Great World City isn't a dealer. It's the main office of Behringer in Singapore, lol...

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    hi tot u'd like to noe of this shop at woodlands, here's the website Friendly guy and he should be more than willing to help you out.

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    Hmm... i'm thinkin he's askin more about the sound products rather than the simple pedals and modules.

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    oh, haha i see... my bad...

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