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Thread: How to make Minus 1 from a mp3?

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    How to make Minus 1 from a mp3?

    does any 1 have any software tt does tt?

    or wad r e possible ways out there?



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    wah gt simpler ways? :lol:

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    wah si beh cheem 8O

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    i think this works.

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    Anyone care to explain the meaning of Minus 1

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    Instrumental backing tracks with vocals being removed in the mix.
    Infinite Sound...To Infinity And Beyond!

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    Quote Originally Posted by blackductape

    i think this works.
    not very good in terms of quality but is working fine with me!

    Minus 1 means to cut off the higher frequency and leaving the music w/o the vocal.. works with instrumental pieces sometimes.

    or.. karaoke..

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    useful stuff! thanks blackductape.

    pc only though. bummer.

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